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Army Ladies Indoor Hockey Team   2016/17


A.        AHA 1 dated 07 Jul 16.

1.         General.  Reference A gave details of the dates for the Army Ladies Hockey Team for the 2016 - 2017 season.  The first indoor session will take place at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre on Tue 08 Nov, 0930 – 1500hrs in preparation for the Indoor Inter Services Tournament being held in Aldershot on Thur 10 Nov. 

2.         Availability.  Players are requested to complete Annex A and return it to the undersigned by COP Fri 21 Oct confirming their availability for the Indoor season.  The squad for the Indoor Inter Services will be confirmed at the end of the training session on Tue 08 Nov.

3.         Travel.  Every effort is to be made to ensure costs are the minimum necessary to meet the requirement, with transport being shared wherever possible.  Expenditure from the Representational Sport Travel Budget (RSTB) is closely monitored by the Programme Budget Wing APC Glasgow, who will challenge expenditure as appropriate.  Since the introduction of JPA, and the way Defence Travel is booked, there are different requirements for each method of travel when making bookings and claims as follows.

a.         Own Vehicle/Public Transport.

(1)       The following rules must be applied:

(a)       Travel by private motor vehicle is not permitted at public expense if, as a result, seats would be left empty in any officially provided transport.

(b)       When rail travel is necessary, standard class travel only is permitted, regardless of rank.

(c)       For bus or rail travel, actual costs may be claimed.

(d)       When travel at public expense is authorised, MMA at PCR may be claimed together with the appropriate rate of passenger allowance for each eligible passenger. Spectators are not classed as eligible passengers.

(2)       MMA at PCR is claimed personally via i-expenses using drop down menus. For bus or other public transport, claim actuals via i-expenses using appropriate drop down menus. In all cases, claimants use their own unit UIN, but select Claimant Type ‘Representative Sport’. Underneath, there is a ‘Justification’ free text box in which you must enter the sport, event and date. This will ensure the cost is charged to the RSTB. If this is not done the claim may be rejected.

b.         Vehicle Hire.

(1)       UK White Fleet Contract Hire. Units are to use Budget UIN A4029A and Purpose of Travel Code (POT) 16. They should also quote their own or bidders unit UIN on the FMT 1000.

(2)       Overseas Car Hire. Bookings can be made via EBIS or the Hogg Robinson Travel Centre. More details can be found within the Defence Travel intranet site.

(3)       Fuel. In all cases, vehicles are delivered with full fuel tanks and should therefore be returned full at the end of the hire. If a vehicle is not refuelled any fuel costs will be charged direct to unit budgets, and these can be very costly compared with MOD provided fuel. Thus MOD facilities should be used whenever possible. If this is not possible users are advised to refuel themselves and claim via i-expenses using their own unit UIN but selecting Claimant Type ‘Representative Sport’ from the drop down menu. Underneath, there is a ‘Justification’ free text box in which you must enter the sport, event and date. This will ensure the cost is charged to the RSTB. If this is not done the claim may be rejected. Alternatively, a MOD Unit/Branch who is a frequent user of Short Term Hire may be able to supply a Fuel Agency Card.

c.         Air Travel.  Your local or Div HQ travel cell should make the booking utilising the new Defence Travel air booking system. From the drop down menu, units should use the bidders unit UIN, Service Code 8 and POT Code 16. Costs will default via the POT Code to the RSTB.

d.         Ferry Travel.  Your local or Div HQ travel cell are to be used to make bookings until the roll out of ferry travel into Defence Travel.

5.         Part One Orders.  Players are to ensure that their participation is published on Unit Part One Orders.

Lt Col
Secretary AHA(W)


  1. Army Ladies Hockey –  Indoor Availability Form


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